Pidge Jobst is a content creator and pilot writer for scripted comedy and drama TV, along with unscripted Reality with planned elements. He is currently developing an Adult Animated, sports-themed sitcom series. Jobst drew all the characters, wrote the treatment in addition to two episodes, including the pilot. The show and it's characters were recently hailed by the Nike Corporation as "fresh and exciting". 


     Pidge is best known for his design of the WTTE, Fox 28 Kid's Club print and TV campaign, which became the template for television affiliates of the Fox Network Kid's Club, nationwide. Following the Kid's Club, Jobst created and produced 52-episodes of the children's show, "Crystal Palace", another 52-episodes for "Columbus Cooks" (ABC aired affiliate), and 13-episodes for "Ohio Golf" (Time Warner).  









Content Creator of scripted Drama and Comedy TV, unscripted Reality 

with planned elements, :30 and :60's, multi-platform and interractive,

specializing in writing for strong, big-personality female roles and leads. 






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                   Content Creator / Line Producer

                    Screenwriter / Cartoonist











     Before stepping into the television and film, Jobst owned and operated a successful advertising agency in the Midwest. Jobst is no newcomer to what catches the eyes of consumers and now viewers. Once asked to design a wallscape for the Columbus Crew professional soccer team that would attract thoroughfare traffic. Jobst answered by painting a 25 ft, 3D soccer ball that was hoisted 60 ft. onto a downtown building, as if it were kicked out of a stadium and sent crashing into the skyscraper. It made headlines.



   Pidge applies 

finishing touches to a downtown


25' in diameter

soccer ball for the

Columbus Crew

soccer team.