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Working Title:        The Dawghouse  

Genre:                   :30 / 2D Animated Sitcom

Style:                     Sports-themed

Comparison:          Raymond of "Everybody Loves Raymond"

                              meets any "Housewives" show.


Author:                   Pidge Jobst, Cartoonist                    

Assets:                   Mort Drucker / Mad Magazine artist

                               Warren Moon / former NFL quarterback


Format:                  Pilot Script, 54 pgs. / Bible book--16 pgs.

Target:                   Male: 18-49, tweens and adults

Type :                    Stand alone episodes

Location:                Bakersfield, U.S.A        


Repped by –          David Meltzer / Sports Agent

                               T: 949.336.6380

                               Michael Tenzer, P.C. / Ent. Attorney

                               T: 310.926.7894                              

T V   A  N  I  M  A  T  I  O  N 


                  The Dawghouse 

                 Sports just got more fun to watch!

Series Logline:    A sports fanatic is incessantly banished to his dawghouse by his                                   sports-widowed wife who is vexed with his neglect of family duties.  


          ... and it all takes place in Bakersfield.


           Gus Travis is a sports fanatic extraordinaire. He's addicted to sports -- televised and otherwise -- and his wife, Ruby, is tired of coming in 2nd place. Our lead is the personification of every major sports fan in the country. He talks, watches, lives and breathes professional and collegiate sports, 24/7. This has become an unendurable situation for his wife who has come to loathe sports for kidnapping her husband 11 months out of the year. 


           Gus owns .03 acres in Bakersfield. He would be fine just living in a trailer, and does. “Who wouldn’t be, it’s paid for,” he quips and constantly reminds his neighbors who still pay a mortgage. Inhabiting a trailer with a broken toilet is not the safest place to live either, especially when you have to cope with your spouse’s irritable bowel syndrome in close quarters with no ceiling fan. Anyone who’s ever lived in a trailer knows what a “mercy flush” is, but it’s a moot point when Gus is around. These husband-wife conflicts often land Gus #IntheDawghouse… sometimes hypothetically; other times, literally! There's a scanty dawghouse in the backyard and the sports enthusiast spends lots of frigid nights sleeping there.

#In t h e D a w g h o u s e

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